Maps for Getting Lost (digital version)


Maps for Getting Lost ebook version.

Digital photobook by John Ryan Brubaker.  PDF format.  276 pages.

Preview Chapters (PDF): Map #3 | Map #6

Also available via iTunes

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Photographs by John Ryan Brubaker.

Maps for Getting Lost is a series of photographic books made on exploratory walks through urban environments. They are an investigation of the process of travel without destination.

Each book or chapter chronicles a single journey, often based on absurd or errant methods of navigation. These include using a map of Brussels to cross the city of Rome, following heights of buildings or patterns in sidewalks and moving only against the flow of street traffic.

This version is in PDF format at 276 pages.

Preview Chapters (PDF): Map #3 | Map #6

Also available via iTunes

ISBN: 9780989037501